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Mechanic Watermelon Mechanic Watermelon

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The game had a nice look to it, but the biggest problem I believe is the lack of consistency. There is no way to tell which blocks were going to kill you and which weren't. I thought it might have been the color pixels at first, but not even that. Instead, having to jump on every block to test, guaranteeing at least a few deaths...

What this basically means than is that this game is pure trial and error. Not only that, but memorization, and some of the stages are long in that respect. This is more like "I want to be that guy" level of trial and error, and that's not enjoyable for a lot of people.

I will give credit to a section in one of the earlier levels where you don't see the exit, which then gives some information on there might being something new (screen scroll), but that's about it.

Warlords: Call to Arms Warlords: Call to Arms

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad at all

The game wasn't too bad, and i really liked the fact that there is a conquest type map, and the race selection too isn't too bad. This is really similar to this really really old game that I played called Gearheads. It's with windup toys instead though and isn't as serious as this one, but it's nice to see an old concept revived.
Good Job.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wooo nice!!

Wow you really did a nice job with this game!

I actually managed to keep all of my buildlings alive for a really long while up in the 40,000's but then I had to go out, but yeah just upgrade the siphon to lvl 2 and flak to lvl 2 and start the flak, then just periodically use syphon and you can keep the flak going basically forever! The siphon thing is awsome! and I really didn't expect there to be that many special abilities, way to go! I loved the explainations too